Tori and David

Tori and David are a couple with tons of energy.  She is a professional dancer while he flies jets for a living and we wanted to do an engagement session that captured both of their personalities and interests.  The landing airplanes at sunset gave us the mood and dramatic backdrop we needed to really let their individuality shine.


Eli 20110512 0121

Closson comp1

Eli 20110512 0022

Closson comp2

Closson comp3

Eli 20110512 0131

Closson comp5

Uned 20110512 0789 2

Closson comp6

Eli 20110512 0086


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Renee Collazo - Wow, Tori !! Amazing shots! I LOVE THIS. How lucky you get to be that close to the planes taking off. Ya’ll look so beautiful. I’m very inspired by these photos! Congrats to you too! xo

Nicole - I LOVE these pictures!!! The location is perfect and the both of you look fabulous! Tori, I love the outfit and the shoes. Get it girl!!

kesia thomas - Tori girl you are all grown up! These pix are fabulous. You and David look like a billion bucks!Best wishes to you both. This is the time of your lives! Enjoy every moment! Kesia(korrie’s sister)

Freda - These pictures are absolutely beautiful. You two compliment each other perfectly. Love you!!!

Sherisse - These are absolutely breathtaking pictures. You two are blissfully in love with each other and the camera did a great job capturing that!! So excited for the the both of you!!

Sara Franklin - FANTASTIC!!!

Dana - These Pictures are simply gorgeous!! Tori you and David look beautiful together!


Robbie Thompson - Really STELLAR work Eli! Great images and great subject direction! Press on brother!

Lori Lamb - Incredible photos!!! I especially love that shot of the two of you with the runway lights behind you and the jet overhead! Just wonderful. Congratulations on your engagement, I wish you every happiness.

Mariah - Tori these are sooooo beautiful!! WOW!! love them all! and congratulations Mrs.Simpson!!! LOVE YOU<3

Abrielle Valencia - Simply stunning!!

admin - Thanks Abrielle!

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